Solstice (2023)

On Fleeting Summers

As we look behind us at what’s come before, and turn toward our next big milestone, it’s all too easy to lose sight of the very thing in front of us—that ever-elusive, fleeting now—and it’s never more apparent than in the waning afternoons of summer, when sunsets and cloud lines conjure memories of the sweltering days of youth and the songs that captured our imaginations.

Solstice is our instrumental love letter to the spirit of summer, the sacred “here and now.”

Here’s to the precious minutes that tick by faster than we’d all like, and to the most fleeting of illusions: that endless summer night.

—Steve, Juan, and Ruben



Steve Laur — drums
Juan Mantilla — electric guitars
Ruben Moreno — bass guitar, keyboards

Produced and arranged by Ruben Moreno and Paradigm Blue

Engineered, recorded, and mixed by Ruben Moreno
Mastered by Brent Lambert at Kitchen Mastering, Carrboro NC

Cover artwork courtesy of Tithi Luadthong / Shutterstock
Liner layout and additional design by Ruben Moreno