Stepping away

Hey everyone. Ruben here. You may have noticed that there hasn’t been much activity for a long time now. The truth is that I’m going through a rough spot with my health and financially, and I’m working on getting to a better place.

Juan and Steve have been incredibly patient and supportive, and did a monumental amount of work on Frontiers that has been sitting there waiting for me to take it across the finish line. I’ve made progress but unfortunately I’ve been sidelined and have to take care of some other things before I can come back to this. So the hiatus that Paradigm Blue has been on will unfortunately have to continue for some time longer. It’s with great pain and regret that I’ve stepped away, but I know that once things are better, I’ll be finishing what the three of us started and moving forward from there.

Again, thank you to Juan and Steve for giving their all on this album and for their Herculean levels of dedication and patience. I look forward to completing the work once things are better.

To all our fans, we appreciate you. Your support means everything.